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Re: [APD] Dry Fertilizer dosing

On 3/20/06, Kettle, Sean <skettle at snclavalinprofac_com> wrote:
> Simple digital scales that can measure down to .1 grams are usually
> available on eBay very cheap.

Being one of those persnickety anal retentive types who used to buy
analytical scales I've done a lot of testing of consumer digital scales with
a standard weight -- 1 oz bullion coins (you collect a lot of these if you
work in the precious metal industry.)  I am still waiting to find a digital
scale costing $50 or less that is accurate to more than +/- 10%.    For a
while there I thought there was something wrong with my standard weights
even though they came from a relatively famous mint so I checked a handful
of them on an analytical balance.  Nope, coins were dead on.

Since teaspoons and smidge spoons are cheap, easy to use and about as
accurate as a digital scale for measuring small amounts of powder, I use the
spoons.  I have a set for the upstairs tanks and another for the downstairs

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