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Re: [APD] Dry Fertilizer dosing

Thank you all for your responses. It is common to find locally plastic 
spoons of 1 milliliter, which roughly carries 1 gram of dry salt. But I was 
curious about how do you manage those tsp fractions, which now is clear 

>The only answer I have thought of is that we all have a set of cooking 
>utensils at home, and a set of measuring spoons in tsp is included.  But, 
>few of us have a scale that measures in grams.  It is certainly awkward to 
>calculate anything in tsp, but almost all of our system of weights and 
>measures is awkward compared to the metric system.  I measure 1/32 tsp by 
>guessing it as half of the smallest of my measuring spoons, which is 1/16th 

>Vaughn H.

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