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Re: [APD] teaspoon measurements for dosing

> On Monday, March 20, 2006, at 06:07 AM, Mariano F. Bonfante
> wrote:
> > Hi folks. I have some questions regarding dry fertilizing
> dosing. Why 
> > is the
> > tsp so popular?  How do you manage for example, 1/32 of
> tsp?.
> >
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> >
> > Mariano

Teaspoons are very cheap and very common and afford the accuracy
we need(which is not much).
Most folks have them. 
Accurate Scales? Few people own them.
Cost? Certainly a teaspoon is a rather cheap device. 

Liquid fert solutions make things messier, takes up more space,
harder to ship, more weight/cost to ship, preciptation/fungal
issues(these can be avoided buy adding HCL etc, but then it's
now just one more thing to do and measure out etc...)

It's simpler overall to use dry ferts for macros.

Traces tend to use liquids since the cost is higher and you
often do not want to waste it, commerical brands tend to be
liquids already, there are few dry mix brands and most of these
for various reasons, tend to be not as good, IMO, than the TMG,
Flourish, Sera brands etc.

Over many years and many brands, I like TMG the best over all.
The amounts used for traces ares so small, the accuracy issue
becomes more relevant, but you can dry dose traces etc if you
want, it works, I just don't like the brand results. 

Tom Barr



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