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[APD] Hemianthus callitrichoides

I bought recently this plant, which I found very attractive. Four weeks 
later is doing fine, but I find problems keeping it at the bottom. Naturally 
it made runners like two inches long, but with very short roots. Then it is 
common to find it swimming around the tank, since some fish or the same 
pearling bubbles will push it out. My substrate has 2 to 3 mm plain gravel, 
2 inches thick. At the bottom I have a laterite layer.

I was suggested to add a plain sand layer in the rooting area, only few 
millimeter high, to make it easer for the plant to attach. But I am afraid 
that using sand will block water in the bottom, rotting the substrate. There 
is also available a courser sand, with1 millimeter diameter average.

Any comments?.

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