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Re: [APD] Dry Fertilizer dosing

Mariano F. Bonfante wrote:
> Hi folks. I have some questions regarding dry fertilizing dosing. Why is the 
> tsp so popular?  How do you manage for example, 1/32 of tsp?.

Just as Scott wrote, but I would add that people seem to use the tsp. as 
an approximation of 5 grams. If you are really concerned, but don't want 
to spend $50 on a scale that can measure tenths of a gram, just use a 
postage or food scale to measure out, say 20 or 30 grams of something 
and mix it with a liter of water. Then you know you have 10mg per tsp. 
or so (in the case of using 20 grams).

I use plastic syringes for dosing. I have one 5mL and one 60mL and they 
have always been useful.

Jerry Baker
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