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> > I know you really do understand. It's called
> > inference. <snip>

<...and then the response:>

> "PMDD" is a concrete noun, and any name given to an
> idea or concept is an abstract noun. Concrete nouns
> cannot be abstract nouns - the two are 
> mutually exclusive.

<sigh, it continues...>

> I know English grammar is the pinnacle of boring for
> most, but ... <snip>

<...and continues...>
> "Oh, for Pete's sake," you might be thinking, "why
> on Earth does this matter in a planted aquarium
> group?" I believe that playing fast and 
> loose with language is the source of some of the
> confusion that newcomers experience. <snip>

<...and continues...>

> This is of course molesting a dead horse in the
> worst way, but I think it's an interesting
> discussion <snip>

<...and my personal favorite, the conclusion:>

> Linguistics is not interesting for a lot of people,
> and that's ok. So far this has been a 
> pleasant, if not off-topic, conversation.

Let me enumerate for simplicity:

* The same term can mean different things to
  different people.  This is especially true as
  terms evolve over time.  Thus, talk of "concrete"
  and "abstract" nouns don't matter, if the term
  means two different things.  (Don't bring
  irrelevant noise into an already lengthy thread.)

* I've been posting on the APD for going-on twenty
  years, and some of those topics in the 1990's 
  were specifically me advocating more exacting
  use of language and terms.  It matters to me.
  But, this discussion is just silly (and a waste
  of time).  PMDD is both an exact recipe (that
  has evolved over time) as well as a label associated
  with a category of "do-it-yourself" nutrients for
  various purposes.  You want to force universal
  acceptance of just one thought for that term?
  Ain't gonna happen.

* The original banter was from when you kept 
  referring to it as a "micro-" nutrient mix, with
  another person correcting that "macro-" nutrients
  were a significant part.  Yet, you just wouldn't
  concede that point.  (Ditto when others mention
  inconsistencies in your position.) It's tiring to
  hear "Advance! Advance!" all the time, because a
  conversation is a two-way thing.

* I appreciate that you can use generally good
  grammar, little profanity, and make efforts
  at references.  But, golly gee, you post a flurry
  and seem to always want the last word.  You
  argue points to a pointless end, IMHO.

* It's signal-to-noise problems like this that
  make me want to unsubscribe after all those
  years.  It's fine to *not* have the last word,
  and to agree-to-disagree.  Mom used to call 
  that, "growing up".

* Don't be a jerk.  For this discussion, I'll 
  define that as harassing or belittling until
  people don't want to post anymore, or better yet,
  until they regret posting in the first place.

* I'm not trying to hurt.  This is honest feedback
  that you might think about, and take-to-heart, or
  possibly reject.  It doesn't matter to me either
  way.  (I appreciate it when people tell me I have
  a booger on my nose, as I view that as a sign
  of courtesy that I'd expect from a friend.)

* I'm sure you'll respond, because you always do.
  See how fast I can ignore the response (as I'm
  not interested in pursuing a point to a pointless

* See how little I'll post in the future, as I
  just don't need the grief, and don't crave
  attention the way others apparently do.


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