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Re: [APD] Bushier Plants

The diff in penetration that makes blue light relevent to reef tanks is several to over a dozen feet of seawater. The one-half to two-foot depth of most aquariums won't make much diff on penetration. Also the diff is blue light between most "medium to cool" white lights and the high K temp bulbs is relatively small -- sometimes it's just less red and not more blue.
Actinics sometimes just leave out a lot of the red light so using an actinic can make you plants behave like they are under a slightly weaker bulb, not that they have anything against the wavelengths coming from so-called "actininc" lights.
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On a previous thread Tom Barr wrote.

>>>"Blue light penetrates deep, makes plants all bushy etc,  blah

So I used to have the GE 9325k bulbs on my tank and I switched to 6700k  

Does this mean I would have had bushier plants with the 9325k bulbs than  the 
6700k bulbs and if so would it be very noticable?
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