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[APD] Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond Dye

Hey guys, I'm working on a project to solve an phytoplankton problem in a
fairly sizable pond (10,000+ gallons).  It has no fish, only birds in it.
The pond currently has 4 sandfilters on it and no UV sterlization though
that is an option.  It has virtually no surface coverage and there has been
attempts to use plants before, but that has resulted in them being torn to
shreds by ducks.  Water flow and overturn are good as well and there is
plenty of surface tension to keep the water aerated.  I came across this
product that is an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals pond dye that is supposed to dye
the water blue-green and suppress algal growth.  I still have to find out if
it is safe for the animals obviously, but was just wandering if anyone had
tried it and whether or not it actually worked.

The other things that I may try to use are phosphate absorbers (though I'm
not sure if they work as well in freshwater as they do in salt, I've really
only used them in saltwater), barley extract (the barley straw is just to
messy), and though I know it's probably not feasible, sometype of filtration
that can skim the phytoplankton out like a diatom filter.  Does anyone
even know if they make diatom filters for a volume this large?  I know it
would have to be huge, use a vast amount of diatomaceous earth, problem take
forever to filter and get clogged, extremely easy , but would clear the heck
out of the water.  I'm just curious about that one and whether or not it
would be possible to build such a thing.

If ya'll know of any plants that ducks won't tear the crap out of I would
welcome those suggestions as well.

Thanks for any help
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