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[APD] Green HPS bulbs? No thanks.

S. Hieber wrote:
>I don't think it is all reflected, is it? If it was, all palnts would be 
>the same color of green?

That is correct as you can see of the photosynthesis action spectrum. A very 
small tiny
winy amount of green is actually used by plants.

How much is it? Like 14-15% compared to the blue peak? Which lamp would you
prefer to use to grow plants, an all 420 nm blue bulb or an all green 550 nm 
or like an HPS 600 nm bulb?

HPS is yellow and green. Very yellow, and very green:

So at the end of the day, you could never ever convince me to use a green 
to grow plants efficienctly 8)

Best regards
Daniel Larsson
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