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Re: [APD] light PC/HPS

>Interesting. That seems to imply that 300W of these Iwasakis is about 
>equivalent to 150W of the AB 10,000K bulbs (as far as the plants are 
>concerned). That's good to know since they don't look too much different 
>to the eye.

I think I will remove the AB bulbs because I really question the lumens
output I've found for these bulbs. When I've mailed AB they said they
don't have the lumens specification, so the numbers are likely false.

I agree with S. Hieber and T. Barr btw. The numbers are only as
good as the manufacterers own numbers and there will be many
factors (cover glass, height, reflectors etc) that in the end will 
have taken their share of the efficiency.

I calculate the numbers because 1) it was fun making the
calculator 2) to get a rather fair comparsion between bulbs
3) to be able to explain to myself why I had massive pearling with
Aquarelles and not SunGlo (recommended by Tropica) and
not GroLux and not Biolux.

Tom Barr wrote:
>Even though there is a dip in the graph, there is not a dip in
>the amount of photosynthesis that takes places as you scale the
>nm range up and down except near the very ends. 
>So if plants are not able to use it, or are very poor at it, why
>wouldn't we see an associate drop that was porportional to light
>and O2?

As I understand it the action spectrums are calculated by measuring
the oxygen produced? And you cannot say green light will
grow green plants good. The green light are *reflected*, if it was 
used by accessory pigments it would have not been reflected.

A green/yellow bulb will not be as effective as a blue-red-bulb growing
green/yellow plants.

Best regards
Daniel Larsson.
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