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ajit athale wrote:
>> Yep, but I don't think phosphate and PMDD are related any more than say
>> potassium and PMDD. PMDD is just a reference to "do it yourself"
>> micronutrients (a Poor Man's Dupla Drops, which is mainly Fe, Mn, and B
>> as I recall).
> I reply---
> PMDD certainly does not mean just a reference of "do it yourself
> "micronutrients
> unless you do not know the constituents of PMDD itself, which is why I had
> to
> quote the "an assortment of citations ".

I didn't see any citation that even suggests in any roundabout way that 
  the acronym "PMDD" stands for "the strategy of phosphate limitation." 
There was a paper by Sears and Conlin that suggested limiting phosphate 
was an effective way to control algae. It just so happens that they gave 
a recipe for making your own micronutrient mix in the appendix of that 
paper. They called that recipe PMDD.

Think of it like this: If I wrote a scholarly paper on limiting 
carbohydrates to control fat, and in the appendix of that paper I gave a 
recipe for carbohydrate-free cake, no amount of linguistic gymnastics 
would cause "cake" to stand for the concept "limiting carbohydrates to 
control fat." "Cake" would still instead refer to the product of the 
recipe, and thus the continuity of the language would be preserved.

> If you do not know the constituents of any solution kindly do not pass such
> superfluous comments which can mislead any newbie.

Mislead a newbie into thinking what?

Jerry Baker
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