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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 31, Issue 37


The PAR meter I use has both electronic source calibration
already and sunlight. It does that automatically for most forms
of lighting sources. No need to redo that. 

Simply changing the hood height, adding glass or acrylic/lexan
cover hoods, some dirt on the bulbs etc etc, causes large
variations in the amount of light getting to a plant, plant age
and height also plays a big role as well as the adpation to a
given light intensity.

People rattle on about doing all this work and research into
lighting(one guy wanted me to do all of his research for him for
free while he asked all the fun questions, like we were his
slaves or something), but overall, comparing things in our tanks
is very tough with respect to light. 

PAR/watt bulb efficency is good for comparisons, but in real
applications, things are not the same. 

Humm trim time for the open house tomorrow sounds like the order
of the day. 

Tom Barr



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