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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 31, Issue 37

Liz, that's the point, I'm not sure the numbers you seek will
answer the question.......

The best answers perhaps are simply using the W/PAR ratio for
comparison purposes, but..........you still need to address the
surface area output patterns, they are different and while the
HPS's may have much better growth in a localized area, the PC
might provide better growth over the rectangle shape of many

So that will be different for each tank surface area, depth etc.

Tom Barr 

> Tom, thanks.
> Ideally I would have some numbers to look at, but given that
> I'm pretty sure
> there aren't many numbers that are easy to come by I was
> hoping to hear from
> you and others who have actually used the lights to give your,
> admittedly
> subjective, opinions. I appreciate that you took the time.
> Liz

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