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Re: [APD] light PC/HPS

Jerry Bake wrote:
>Seeing the widely-praised Iwasaki 6500K bulbs in there would be nice.
>Other tests seem to indicate that they emit a lot more PAR than the
>Ushio 10,000K bulbs which are currently the top producers in your list.

Sure thing, if you have the lumens, wattage and the spectral distribution
I will fire up Photoshop and my PUR-efficiency-calculator.

Low/Mid-kelvin bulbs are often penalized because they spend to much
electricity to emit yellow/green to make the spectral distribution even
and "good looking" to us humans, while high-kelvin-bulbsoften very
efficiently shoot blue which is highly weighted in the action spectrum.

Tritons, Aquarelle, Aquastar are a couple of cheap tri-phosphors that
doesent have much phosphors to make the light pleasurable to us
humans. They emit three hard spikes where it feels good for plants.

Actinics + Red bulbs would probably a *very* good combination,
like the blue+red LED grow-lights, "Solaroasis" LED:s for example:
 Almost no lumens but a heck of a lot of PUR. Ugly as h.ll to us
humans, but sweet for plants.

Best regards
Daniel Larsson 
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