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Re: [APD] relative plant growing efficiency


If you believe that lumens are a reasonable measure of light output in the context of planted tanks, I have a chart of manufacture spec values posted here:


While this might be a good approximation for a series of linear lamps from a given manufacturer (ie same material and color temp) how it relates to halides is just a guess.

In the context of planted aquariums, it is also important to consider the reflector as there can be a big difference between the light ABOVE a tank and the light IN the tank.


On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Liz Wilhite wrote:

> I was asked a question that I have no idea how to answer but I bet a
> gazillion of you can answer.  I was asked about the relative plant growing
> efficiency of power compact fluorescents (i.e. the ones in something like a
> Coralife fixture) vs HPS -- in other words if you had 250 watts of each type
> which would:1) waste the most energy as heat and 2) grow plants the fastest.
> After getting past the discussion about why any sane person would want to
> grow plants as fast as possible, and the pitfalls of nutrients, CO2, etc., I
> was left with this as a theoretical question.  And I have no clue what the
> answer is.
> Frankly, I'm now curious enough that I'd like to know what the
> "equivalencies" are.  Stated differently, I'd like to know this:  I have 100
> watts of power compact fluorescents.  For the purpose of growing plants how
> many of watts of HPS, metal halides, LEDs and normal T-12 bulbs does it take
> to match that."
> Any takers?  Any guessers?
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