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Re: [APD] New to keeping plants.

No, George, not baiting you. I think that in a relatively calm aquarium, it will be more energy efficient to heat an aquarium from the bottom . Cables do precisely that. However, this notion of energy efficiency relies on convection to distribute the heat. If there are strong water currents, then convection willmatter less and the relative efficiency attenuated. Is that energy efficiency important? Not to me; my cables are unplugged. But it could be to some folks. I could be wrong about the efficiency but being wrong isn't the same as babbling. I never suggested yours and Karla's excellent web site and other great contributions to the hobby were bablling even though I have long thought that you sometimes overestimated the value of heating cables.
Okay, enough with taking the high road - Now I will bait you. Just because a man can't read a sign doesn't necessarily mean that the sign is babble -- it's a poor carpenter that blames the tools. ;-)

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What the hell are you babbling about ... oh, nevermind. You were just
baiting me, right?  Never bait a Master Baiter!

George B
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