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Clearly the original formulation was intended as an instrumention to emply the strategy,. Indeed a close conceptual connection but not one that withstands the linguistic test for synonomy, which is substitutability of terms without change in syntax or meaning. In any event, even if Sears and Conlin and early users of the term "PMDD" meant "phosphate limitation strategy" or (to stretch the notion of synonmy a little less) "phosphate limited formula", even if they meant that back then, since folks stopped fearing phosphate, many have been using "PMDD" to mean fert formulations even with phosphate. You can tell them they're wrong, but they mean what they mean when they use the term. For better or worse, that how many folks use the term "PMDD." sh 
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Following quotes amply demonstrate why PMDD is synonymouswith âPHOSPHATE limitation strategyâ andhow it is not just related with micronutrients.
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