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Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> Aren't we trying to make our plants light limited?  We add a lot of 
> light, then add enough fertilizers, including CO2,  so that there is 
> more than the plants will use.  If we increase the light, we also 
> increase the fertilizers to stay ahead.  Anyway, that's how I have it 
> figured out, but I do tend to be wrong a lot.

I think in terms of plant growth we are trying to make it light-limited. 
With respect to algae I thought the conventional wisdom here was that 
phosphate, nitrogen, iron, etc. were not sufficient causal factors, but 
that low CO2 in conjunction with high levels of nutrients *was* 
sufficient to allow an algae outbreak. If low CO2 and high nutrients do 
not cause algae in natural systems, I don't see why it would in the 

Jerry Baker
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