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Thanks for the info, Tom. The conventional wisdom about PO4 and algae and lakes is one of the reasons that Tide had to have a reason to brag about low phosphates. It's somethng I was even taught in college -- I won't say where; I'm sure they are trying harder to be right these days. 
The algae/PO4 myth of the lading in the lake is like much conventional wisdom, since Galbraith first coined the ironic term, it's sorta right in certain cases and otherwise just plain wrong.
I don't mean to bless a dogma when I call it "conventional widsom;" I think of conventional wisdom as the opposite of common sense in that it is abundantly present and rarely wise. The irony is that the two terms do have something in common; each is a misnomer.

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. . .Scott, Adding PO4 to a lake with plants(30% or more SAV) will
NOT produce algae, it will produce more plants. Same for rivers
with plants. If there are no plants for whatever reason,
something else will grow there: algae.
Same for NO3 or other nutrients(NH4 maybe not). . .
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