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[APD] amazon frogbit

Paula is trying to find amazon frogbit.

I have kept frogbit for ages, but have no idea if it is Amazon frogbit though.  

I don't recommend mail ordering this plant .  It does not ship well.  Another APDer asked for some a year or so ago and I shipped it to her twice.  She is in a neighboring state (GA to AL) and we tried to do everything right.  Shipped first thing Monday morning, nice temps outside, she grabbed it as soon as mail delivered yada, yada.  It was complete mush both times.  

Your best bet would be finding someone in your area to get it from.  Nevertheless, you are welcome to contact me off the list if you want to give it a shot.  I just composted almost all of mine so it will be a few weeks before I have enough to ship.  It is a fast growing plant, even in my low-tech tank. You can almost watch it grow in my high-tech which is why I don't keep it in there anymore.

It is also a good nitrate indicator plant.

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