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Re: [APD] Co2 mist -- or - Things that go burp in the night

CO2 mist is the latest rage. It's jargon for blowing small bubbles of CO2 into the aquarium water. A couple of years ago the rage was "external reactors", which was and remains jargon for containers outside the aquarium where CO2 could be mixed into water and the water fed into the aquarium -- you might call it a mixing bottle but "reactor" like sounds like way cooler, ya know. Besides, if you pay $30-$50 for a commericaly made mixing bottle, it makes you feel a little less fooless if you say you bought a reactor rather than saying, "I bought a plastic bottle for fifty bucks." 
For those that want to get CO2 up and running at low start cost, there's "DIY reactor" and "Yeast reactor" which are both jargon for sugar & yeast fermentation bottle, also known as brewing --although you really don't want to drink the stuff that brews.
There's tons of stuff in the archives but, enough for the average Joe or Joan (or Joel) to be easily inundated with with more opions and arguments than you can shake a multidirectional aqueous agitation wand at. So, first thing, go check out thekrib.com, where Erik Olson has put together an outstanding collection of material on things aquatic. The CO2 stuff is  here:
While you are at the krib, don't forget to look for Erik's "That Darn Plant Tank," which probaby more than anything got me involved in planted aquaria -- well, anything other than aquatic plants. What can I say? I'm a sucker for manifolds.
If that doesn't get you started, write me off line and I *shamelessly* point you to a handful of articles on CO2 that I wrote on Aquarium Fish Mag's web pages -- a few have found them helpful:
Have bubbles, have fun,
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I'm having trouble finding info on this "co2 mist" people keep talking about
I've found hundreds of postings in the archives and can't seem to figure out
how exactly it's produced... can someone point me in the right direction?
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