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Re: [APD] Just a heads up

On 3/15/06, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Yes, they are really set up more for large scale and commercial
> operations. The catalogue is something for the gadget folks to drool over --
> btw, don't borrow these catalgues unless thev'e been sitting in the sun and
> drying for at least two hours.

Got that, but I sorta figured that is what the $5 was for.  A better
approach would probably be to put up nice notice that they don't take orders
for under $______.  Or, do the straightforward thing that even I, dummy that
I am, can code and do an automatic shipping charges calculation. And let's
remember that obviously a dummy can code it because I am so dumb I actually
ordered without knowing what the shipping charges would be.

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