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Re: [APD] Just a heads up

Yes, they are really set up more for large scale and commercial operations. The catalogue is something for the gadget folks to drool over -- btw, don't borrow these catalgues unless thev'e been sitting in the sun and drying for at least two hours.
For those little purchases fromthe big sell sellers, you need a club to go in on a bundle.
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The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies (NEC) celebrates its 50th year of service at its 31st annual convention, April 7-9, 2006 -- including *An Evening with Aquarium Legends*.

Read the speaker list, then download the registration form, and get set to join the fun at what promises to be the year's biggest tropical fish convention.


And while you're there, attend the AGA's annual meeting Friday afternoon (2-4pm). This year's speaker is Claus Christensen, Tropica's Managing Director. 

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This is not a complaint, just a heads up.  There is nothing unethical being
reported here but an FYI to the unwary,

I've started having some problems with Rena ceramic bubblers related to the
ends coming loose and the uneven pore size.  So I decided to try some
microfine bubblers from Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.  I ordered a small
assortment of them that couldn't weigh more than 12 oz.  I didn't meet the
minimum order requirement so they added $5.  Okay, no big deal -- I was
paying for them to go through the effort of handling a small order.
According to the website they find it impossible to give a shipping charge
online with the order but I could request that information before ordering.

I didn't ask for shipping charges to be sent to me first.  My bad, and the
reason for this heads up for others to *not* skip this step.

The shipping charges were $10.90!!! For standard USPS mail!

Here's how the order breaks out:

1 doublepack of 3" limewood diffusers: 3.67
3 1.5 x .5" diffusers: 5.52
1 3 x 1" diffuser:  4.62

Merchandise total:  $13.81
Minimum Order Charge:  $5.00
Total order charge:  $18.81
Shipping Charges:  $10.90 (they didn't break that out anywhere)
Total Charge:  $29.71
I realize that inflating shipping charges is a common ploy on eBay to boost
profits, but I had actually expected that a reputable business would not be
charging that sort of price for a small, lightweight parcel sent through the
mail (not priority, not express, just plain old mail).  I will not be
ordering from them again.

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