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Re: [APD] New to keeping plants.

 See >>>comments below:.

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I'm just returning to aquatic gardening after a few years away from it, 
and trying to figure out what has changed in the state of the art.  I 
see that laterite is now available quite cheaply.  Are folks still using 
>>>>PMDD? You bet! but now they add phosphate because the plants like it and it turns out not to cause algae. Check out gregwatson.com. Laterite is probably old stock in the store. It's still used because 
I found one site selling bags of flourite for a bottom layer of 
the substrate.  Is that commonly used these days? 
>>>>>Flourite? Used by lots fo folks. As a layer under something else? Probably, but it loses the primary value of Flourite, i.e., it's appearance. Plants seem to grow in any old gravel so long as there is mulm in the substrate.
 Heating cables still 
in favour?
>>>>>Yes. George Booth for one is quite fond of them. There used to be a second person still in favor of them but I don't think so anymore. ;-)
They are still available and still one of the most expensive ways to heat an aquarium with a ready-made heater. There's no evidence that they hurt anything, are arguably slightlly more energy efficient in an aquarium with very little water circulation to disrupt convention currents in the tank, and a nice gizmo for gadget freeks.

have gizmos, have plants, have fun,
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