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Low(not absent)PO4 is one of the main tenents of PMDD for algae
control. Adding PO4 is seldom argued about today(2-3ppm being
the more popular ranges maintained), but it took nearly 10 years
to get folks to where we are today. I similar issue arose with
maintaining a residual of 0.1ppm of Fe. Again, same deal, we
routinely add a wide range with issues.

While nutrients are better managed today, the lighting is often
over looked. People still think more is better unfortnately.

I still suggest 2-3w/gal, good CO2/nutrients/water changes for
folks wanting to do the CO2 methods.

Then your dosing, pruning routines are not nearly so critical.

Some whine about pruning too much with optimal nutrients, heck,
simply use a slower growing plant, add some hardscape to the
design layout if you want less work, less pruning.
I suggest limiting the lighting from 4-5w/down to 2w also if
they are unwilling to change the plant species.

Tom Barr



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