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Re: [APD] Just a heads up

The important thing is that you know ahead of time what the added costs 
are, both handling and shipping.  Then you make a decision to buy based 
on total cost vs. buying elsewhere.  That is one of the advantages of 
buying online from one of the aquatic plant forums from other members - 
most only charge the actual priority mail cost or they tell you upfront 
what they will charge.  Unfortunately, most commercial sites won't give 
you a clue what the cost will be until you have completely filled out 
the order, and some still won't tell you.  My pet peeve is that few of 
those sites will tell you where they are shipping from, so you can't 
even guess the cost ahead of time.

Vaughn H.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2006, at 11:46 AM, Kettle, Sean wrote:

> I can understand a slight mark up for packing materials and potentially
> for a salary for someone to physically do it.  Used to be in the old
> days that was simply the cost of doing business... Now it's a charge
> customers are expected to pay.
> A lot of times, like on eBay, its even beyond that.  I get so 
> frustrated
> when I get an eBay purchase and see the actual shipping charge on the
> package... It makes me not want to buy online anymore.   But then I see
> something cool I just "have to have" 

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