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Re: [APD] Just a heads up

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> I realize that inflating shipping charges is a common ploy on eBay to boost
> profits, but I had actually expected that a reputable business would not be
> charging that sort of price for a small, lightweight parcel sent through the
> mail (not priority, not express, just plain old mail).  I will not be
> ordering from them again.

Thanks for the pointer. I don't know why a lot of places do this. I 
suppose it's just greed. I can't speak for Aquatic Ecosystems, but I can 
speak for my former employer. Whenever we shipped replacement parts to 
customers we got the price from the UPS software and added 50%. When I 
inquired I was told that shipping is a service like anything else and so 
we need to make a profit.

Jerry Baker
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