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Re: [APD] Cloudy Water revisited

White cloudy water and even green water, is generally harmless to fish and other living things. However, the cause, be it too much ammonia, can be a problem for fish and other self-animates.
I've seen white cloudy water last for months but it usually clears up more quickly. Sometimes a floculant can precipate it's disappearance but sometimes it comes right back until the food source is depleated -- the food source being something in the substrate that is difusing into the water column.
Basically, if you do what one does to maintain a healthy planted tank, white cloudiness goes away eventually without taking any extreme measures.
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Thank You to everyone for their kind advice
                Amazing, the two 75% water changes in one week's time has apparently furnished the cory community with cause for celebration.

                In spite of the rolling clouds of whiteness, the cory's have unleashed a laying frenzy. The front glass alone has nearly 1000 ( lost count at one point so guessed ) eggs stuck to it. The heater has some, a number of anubias leaves have some, and even the Mag-Float has some. I'm sure there are more but I can't see very far into the tank.

                 As for the fish going to heaven, I think they may have missed the bus. The cloudy problem is now in it's 10th day and no fatalities.

                 Of course I know I should use a conditioner when changing the water. I didn't have any on hand when I changed the water in this tank for the first time ever ( over a year ago ) and nothing bad happened. I still hadn't gotten any when the second change took place. My continued good fortune at this point caused me to believe that the very idea of water conditioner must be some form of communist plot and so I swore it off forever. ( The previous sentence is untrue. ) Truthfully, I haven't had any trouble with replacing 75 or so % of the water without using conditioner. The water in the Town of North Attleboro MA must be fish-friendly. There is always a large pack of baby livebearers and the cory's have consistently layed up a storm. ( only 5 cory's to date have been savvy enough to avoid all the mouths in there long enough to reach adulthood. ) I'm sure you already guessed that they were referred to as "The Kittens" while growing. They are difficult, if not
ossible, to distinguish from their parents now.
                      I will do some more water changes and wait for the bloom to run it's course.
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