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Re: [APD] Cloudy water

Sometimes, if I'm especially lax, the fish jump for joy, figuratively speaking, when I change the water, 50% or more.
Not that I recommend wating too long between changes. Not good for tanks or babies. ;-)
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On 3/14/06, Stuart Halliday <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:
> I believe Wise, Nicholas wrote this email section below:
> > When I've had GW outbreaks, I would do 3x50% waer changes.  How would
> > replacing water with water from the same source have any effect on
> > osmotic pressures?  It's not like he's replacing salt water with
> > freshwater.
> There are usually things in a tank which affect the water...
> Rock, decor, wood, food, etc.

I do anywhere from a 50% to 85% water change weekly or whenever I get around
to it depending on how lazy I am.  I haven't seen any fish falling over dead
from it. Then again, I haven't told the fish I'm not an expert so they
probably don't know they are supposed to be dying.  Stupid fish.

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