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Re: [APD] Fish Mortality

Liz, that has been my stand for some time.  However, today my fish 
decided to teach me some humility.  My new CO2 mist setup is apparently 
a bit too much for them to accept.  My measurement of CO2 ppm has been 
around 50, even though I continue to drop the bubble rate.  Well, today 
a couple of cardinal tetras and a couple of guppies said goodbye.  Up 
until today they hadn't even clustered at the surface.  Just call me 

Vaughn H.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2006, at 02:25 PM, Liz Wilhite wrote:

>  I haven't seen any fish falling over dead
> from it. Then again, I haven't told the fish I'm not an expert so they
> probably don't know they are supposed to be dying.  Stupid fish.

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