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Re: [APD] Quoting

People are supposed to trim their posts.  My policy has always been to treat people like adults and trust that, usually, they'll snip off the non-essentials.  I'm not really motivated to police the list for <snip> offenders and spank them for their lack of consideration.   OTOH, I'm not opposed to a gentle reminder to be thoughtful of others, especially the digest folks, and leave only enough of the original post for your reply to be clear.  And a meaningful subject is a nice thing, too.  :)

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>From: Rob Zanussi <rzanussi at shaw_ca>
>I belong to another list that has a lot of traffic on it. The list owners
>instituted a policy that all msgs must be trimmed down to only the parts
>pertantent to the reply. Those that fail to trim are set to no post by the
>owners/mods for x number of days as a reminder to trim.
>Would something like that work here?

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