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Re: [APD] subject changing, top posting, quoting

As a retired teacher, I really like the :stand in the corner" and "write  100 
times" solutions.  All kidding aside, I prefer bottom posting because I  
would rather read the statement or question before the response.  It makes  more 
sense to me.  We are not on "Jeopardy".  But the mixing of top  and bottom 
posting from one member to another is enough to make the mind  spin.  
As far as subject changing, IMHO people deserve to know the topic  or thread 
they are going to open.
Last but not least, the seemingly endless quoting and requoting is   
confusing, but at least the little carat marks (>) let me scroll quickly  through it, 
whereas the unmarked quoting is extremely difficult to follow,  especially 
with mixed top and bottom posting. 
No offense intended, folks, just my feelings on the subject.
Carol   < ' )))><
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