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[APD] co2 v. greenwater

I have a heavily planted 30-gal with about 70 watts over it that's been
running for a few years. This tank has always had a greenwater issue,
and I've kept a UV sterilizer on it until recently, when the bulb went
out and I was too cheap/lazy to buy a new one. Enter greenwater, which I
battled with frequent water changes and by pretending it wasn't there
(the Denial Method). Last week, I installed that $20 Nutrafin Natural
Plant CO2 system (I had been dosing with Flourish Excel with good
results). About three days after the thing finally started producing
CO2, the greenwater began to clear and is now completely gone, with no
water changes. I've only Excel-dosed once since installation.

It's possible that the Excel was causing the greenwater, but the tank
had GW before I started Excel and during weeks with no dosing at all
(vacation, forgot, etc.). 

Did the CO2 somehow clear the greenwater? If so, how? I think the two
events--GW death and yeast CO2--are too coincedental to be completely


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