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[APD] loam tanks

When I first decided to start my plant tank I came accross this article
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/kelly-intro.html I thought it sounded great
and first set out to do it but I couldn't figure out the details through all
my research....so I bought some laterite.
What I couldn't figure out was where the hell to get this loam... I live in
washington state, is there anyone out there that can tell me where to find
it? What exactly am I looking for and how do I measure these things like
clay content and such? That article said not to buy potting soil but it was
written 11 years ago... is there some product out there that suits our needs
now? Anyone here use these methods themselves? Is it outdated maybe? should
I try my luck elsewhere? Am I getting overly inquisitive?
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