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Re: [APD] Quoting

Cutting participation would probably, ultimately be detrimental to participation. But then again, who knows.
For some folks, the trimming is the inconvenience, so you would be boosting Peter by busting Paul. And then the trim-fond folks would argue that it takes no time at all to tirm. Then the trim-adverse folks would suggest that the trim-fond people should go ahead and trim, then the anti-nonplant discussion folks would argue that both of the other groups should stop using bandwidth over an old issue
 and then the buckt brigade would argue that water looks blue in a red bucket i fyour eyes are closed. Eventually, someone will state or ask something about plants and the issue will drop for 4 to 5 months. . . 

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I belong to another list that has a lot of traffic on it. . .all msgs must be trimmed down to only . . .parts
pertantent. . . fail to trim => no post . . .for x days.

Would something like that work here?
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