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Re: [APD] Webcam as plant health monitor

Alan and Kim Van Nevel wrote:
"I doubt that there will be enough information to 
allow for accurate determination of plant stress 
before we can note it visually."

Nah, I don't want to predict anything *before*
an actual color change of the plant. I just want
to note the colorchange digitally and see if all
colors, IR and ordinary, reflects nutrient supply
and thereby stress of the plant.

I will be making a white reference pad this
evening so I can adjust for any kelvin and brightness
changes, like a manual white balance of sorts.

I also downsample and gaussian blur the image
before any calculations take place to avoid
movements etc. Just want to see "how green"
the plant is. The cam can probably notice a 
very slight shift in "greeness" before our eyes
can - so some kind of prediction perhaps 
could be achieved by seeing disturbances
in the 24 hour trends?

Best regards
Daniel Larsson
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