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Re: [APD] Anaerobic denitri


Yamato green has some PO4/NO3 in it.
Not much, but enough for some low light tanks with CO2 and good
fish load.

I think you'd be better off switch to KNO3, KH2PO4, Tropica
master grow, mayber some GH=> www.gregwatson.com sells the
chemicals cheap(GH booster), big Al's sells the TMG(tropica
master grow).

Dosing these items 2x a week is not particular much harder than
what you now do.

If a lazy tank is what you seek, then not using CO2 at all is
the next option or perhaps a little less light.

Plants grow well at higher NO3(say 30-40ppm), but many seem to
think they are stunted by higher PO4 and NO3. Taht's not true
till you get very far out there and I really don't know how high
that is.

Your CO2 differences with DIY CO2 are very large, that is the
issue with the plants. 

10-25ppm reading and then you add no less than a 5ppm +/- error
factor, well now it's really all over.

And CO2 is typically 90% of algae, and plant related issues.
That is the headache, not the dosing of 3-4 things 2-3x a week.

My non CO2 tanks never get water changes, seldom need pruning,
no algae, dosed once a week very lightly, some forgo that all
together and rely on the fish food for fertilizer, but I get
better growth and health and can keep a wider variety of plants
by adding a little extra weekly. 

So you can match your habits and work load with a particular
method and be very successful. The cost of the ferts are very
cheap, it's not complicated either. 

Tom Barr


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