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Re: [APD] Estimative Index for CO2 Dosing - Bah! Bah! Oh Really?

After they decided they had to bring back the Ether afterall, not for it's drift, per se, but to be the dark matter that accounts for the hidden mass controling the rate of expansion inhte universe, well, then they finally had to admit that we've discovered that Neutrinos change quality over time, which pretty much musses the pooch for the overall theory. Theory building and rentention is a matter of least extreme total fudges. And some folks get a bang out of that and some folks get a whimper.

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S. Hieber wrote:
> Good reminder.
> I blame society for the diff. How can you expect a value to remain steadfast when it's so often taken for granted? 

So I suppose you could say that constants in real life are like 
constants in Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript ... they don't exist.

I just read something about the cosmological constant experiencing a 
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