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Re: [APD] CO2 estimative index

I agree with George here but while he feels strongly about
adding too much light, that is the real issue.  
The issue is one less so of adding more CO2, nutrients etc, but
the folks that add way too much light to achieve a desirable

So and so claims you need high light, 4-5w gal/PC lighting etc
to grow some plant or have a nice rug of Gloss or HC.

With less light, you do not depend so greatly on CO2, nutrients,
pruning and dosing.

With high light, you need to add even more CO2/NO3/PO4 etc. 

When dealing with CO2, folks really do not understand that light
drives the system faster. They go buy high light systems. 

You want safer tanks? Then to use the car analogy: drive slower
and use less light.

If you reduce the light down fairly low, you no longer need any
CO2 at all, now is not that even safer for fish?

Ah! But many folks want to fast growing tank.
It really depends on your goal George.
There are many different expectations and desires at work here.
We do not all want ther same thing or type of planted tank.

Some folks are lazy, some are intense, some want the high light,
some don't.

I dail things in with the pH/KH but if that does not
work...........then you go to other indirect methods.
I like the mist since it adds more CO2 for the plants with
dissolving so much as too harm the fish.

I also ONLY add CO2 during the day for plants only.
How many folks use pH controllers or add CO2 24/7?
Ain't that bad for fish?

At least they can breath with the high O2 levels from the plants
rather than some chronic long term CO2 stress.

And this is also what type of (O2 and CO2)patterns we see in
natural systems that these fish have evolved and lived in for
millions that also have high plant densities. 

There's nothing suggesting you need to stress the fish to have a
nice planted tank, some folks like high light, they will have
that trade off.

A wiser approach to fish health is to have less light to start

Then none of this is an issue.

But if we take your argument to the other end, why add CO2 at
all then? Since fish health/tank balance is of primary concern? 
Why not have nothing but non CO2 planted tanks?
You can go both extremes and each has a trade off. 

But it revolved mostly around how much light you use and what
type of planted tank you want.

Tom Barr


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