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Re: [APD] Estimative Index for CO Dosing - Bah!

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> This intrigues me.  I'm going to get out the kits again and try to see 
> if I can apply this.  So, if I let a tank sample of water sit 
> overnight, test the PH, and from that, figure the KH assuming 4 ppm of 
> CO2 is in the water, that will be the true carbonate contribution to 
> the KH, and the KH I should use with the tables to determine my CO2 ppm 
> from a tank sample taken during the day?  Assuming this is accurate 
> enough why wouldn't this be the preferable way to check CO2 all of the  
> time?  I would certainly prefer to know my CO2 level more accurately 
> than by using the fish misery test.

Well, it would be nice if we could figure out some way of independently 
verifying the accuracy of the results, but I think it's at least better 
than using the fish as living CO2 test kits.

> That suggests to me that the KH/PH/CO2 table can be changed to a PH 
> overnight/PH during the day/CO2 table, and not even have to measure KH 
> except to make sure it is high enough to avoid PH crashes.

It doesn't invalidate the relationship, in fact it affirms it. All you 
are really doing is measuring a known quantity of CO2 and then adjusting 
the curve of the KH/pH/CO2 relationship to match observations. It 
doesn't change anything.

Jerry Baker
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