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Re: [APD] Estimative Index for CO Dosing - Bah!

On 3/8/06, Vaughn Hopkins <hoppycalif at yahoo_com> wrote:
> How can we tell that we have 20 ppm or 30 ppm or whatever CO2
> concentration, when the PH/KH/CO2 table isn't accurate due to other
> water parameters?

If you aren't adding a bunch of stuff that is measured by the KH kit then
the table is accurate enough in my opinion.  YMMV.

I gotta say that I agree with a lot of what George said.  I've kind of hit
the point that I am not so fond of pearling plants.  I know that is heresy,
but it's true.

I had nicely growing plants and active fish.  I set up a sort of "mist"
system and had mostly active fish (as in even my husband noticed a slight
but discernable difference in their activity levels) and pearling plants.  I
noticed a couple of htings -- the first is that I was spending a lot more
time on tank maintenance; the second is that heaven forbid I let a dosing
day go by without dosing the tank.  The consumption of nutrients went way
up, just like the growth rate of the plants.

And for what?  I know some people get great delight from pearling plants.  I
get great delight from beautiful plants and watching the antics of the fish
so I didn't get any major smiley factor out of wildly pearling plants.

So I've slacked back to lower levels of CO2.  I'm not balancing on a knife
edge of plant/algae growth and don't have to pull out the machete to hack
back the jungle as often.  And everything looks just fine.


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