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Re: [APD] Sump System

Could you not use an inline reactor in the return to the 125?  

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> Hi All,
> 	3 or 4 weeks ago I posed some questions on the purchase 
> of a 75 gallon or 90 gallon aquarium. I wish to thank 
> everyone who replied. As it turns out we instead went with a 
> 125 gallon reef ready (RR) aquarium  ( I am blessed with a 
> VERY understanding wife). In any case, since the tank is RR, 
> I have decided to  try an idea which I first saw posed on 
> this list some months ago, and which has intrigued me ever 
> since ( I would like to recognize the poster but couldn't 
> find the original post when I searched the archives). I want 
> to use a spare 55 gallon as a plant only "sump" for the
> 125 and run the lights at reverse times (12 hours on the 125 
> the opposite 12 hours on the 55). I'll actually have a true 
> sump of 25 gallons after the 55 so I can keep both the 125 
> gallon and 55 gallon tanks full of water. The main purpose of 
> the 125 gallon display tank, other than raising plants, is to 
> house discus. I previously had these same discus in a 55 
> gallon aquarium that was heavily planted. The plants were 
> pearling heavily, but even so the discus still were having 
> problems breathing. Their breathing was more rapid than it 
> should have been, so much so that I thought they might have 
> gill flukes. In preparation for treating them for gill 
> flukes, I moved them to a different bare bottom 55 gallon 
> tank which was heavily aerated. Their rapid breathing ceased 
> immediately and they have remained in this tank ever since.
> As you can guess, I am a bit leery of putting discus back 
> into a planted tank.
> 	The 125 gallon will have 384 watts of CF lighting (4 x 96 watts
> 6700K) and the 55 will have 260 watts (4 x 65 watts 6700K). I 
> try to keep my
> CO2 at about 40 ppm and the temperature will be 82F. The 
> substrate will be ½ inch of peat covered by 3 inches of Pro's 
> Choice Select in both tanks.
> Fertilization will follow the EI method for traces and 
> macros. Water changes will be 50% once a week using straight 
> tap water which has a KH of 5.5, GH of 8.5 and pH of 7.8 (7.6 
> after aeration) but the pH is kept at about 6.6 via CO2 injection.
> 	The main reason that we purchased a RR tank is so this 
> display tank will have absolutely no equipment inside. Given 
> this, where would the best place for a CO2 reactor be if I 
> find it necessary to add CO2 directly to the
> 125 gallon tank, in the sump or as an external reactor? The 
> 55 is not a display tank and will be hidden under the 125 
> gallon (well actually it will be well hidden,,, in the 
> basement) and will be using both internal reactors and Tom 
> Barr's "mist method" via Sweetwater diffusers and a 
> powerhead. All tanks, including the sump, will be tightly 
> covered, and all returns will be under the water surface, but 
> the 55 gallon is not drilled and will use an over-flow box. 
> I'm a bit concerned about CO2 loss because of this, should I be?
> 	What would be good plants to use in the 55 gallon that 
> both give off lots of O2 and will be able to handle the 
> somewhat elevated temperature?
> Larry
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