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Re: [APD] phosphates and co2 table

thanks guys... I actually wasn't really adding the neutral regulator to
adjust the ph level. It was simply for the declorinating aspect of it. if
you remember I had a post recently about that. It just happens to be the
only dechlorinator I have on hand that I know for sure removes chloramine
and ammonia also. I'll just have to go out and get a good one without any
Thank you guys You've been a tremendous help not only for the questions I've
posted but the many questions I've had that were answered while searching
through old postings.

On 3/7/06, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> >>>>>Alkalinity, total bases present. Which is why the phosphate compounds
> muck things up.Only if carbonates are the bases, does the table work out
> as advertized.
> I'll wager that, for most folks, the table will be more precise than
> eyeballing the tank. Eyeballing is good for extremes, way too low, way too
> high, but not so good for fine tuning. Measuring KH and pH will probalby
> serve one better.  However, if you add bases other than carbonates, or they
> come from the tap, then you're back to merely eyeballing, which isn't the
> best way, just the only way if nothing else works.
> sh
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> KH is actually a measurement of alkalinity, not a measurement of
> carbonates.
> If the alkalinity  in the water is all carbonates the
> PH/KH/CO2 table works fine, but if not, it doesn't.  There is no easy
> way to measure the carbonates in the water other than KH.  That's why
> the best way to "measure" CO2 is to watch the fish for signs of
> distress, if you are injecting as much CO2 as  you can without
> bothering the fish, that is the right amount.  (In my opinion)
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