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[APD] DIY Velleman dimmer kits

I believe Vaughn Hopkins wrote this email section below:
> DIY electronic kits were more practical back in the vacuum tube days.  
> Then anyone could solder the connections and put together something that 
> would work.  Today, with so many integrated circuits, tiny little solder 
> points, teeny wires, and miniature packages, it takes some skill to put 
> one together and know it will work.  I say this having had my share of 
> those which didn't work, but having made several "Hi Fi" kit electronic 
> units years ago, all of which were successful.

True. But now we have PIC devices and modules.

There are module kits designed for Halogens available by Velleman.

You buy this:

followed by the required modules:


at around $100-$150 USA for a kit. Not too expensive.

The K8029 appears to be capable of being programmed to have a long dim 
period from 1min to 70mins.

Take a look at the PDFs. Its got lots of beginner building instructions.

The K8006 allows 5 channels of lighting, each can be programmed to switch 
on/off at certain times or be dimmed with the appropriate module.

Put a case around it and you're laughing.

List of modules:

Stuart Halliday
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