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Re: [APD] phosphates and co2 table

Joel Fizette wrote:
> 1 teaspoon per 10-20 gallons... I just got a bunch of new plants via mail
> order and did a complete water change while I was setting it up and added
> about 41/2 teaspoons to my 55 gallon tank. So I guess if I want to have a
> way to measure my co2 level then I should use something without phosphates
> then... what exactly do the phosphates do that messes with the co2/kh/ph
> relationship?

Keep in mind that pH is irrelevant for the most part except for that 
it's convenient to measure CO2. Your fish and plants don't care what pH 
you have within reason. Try using a TDS meter or conductivity meter to 
measure the difference between two waters, or the difference between 
hard and soft water. That what the fish really care about ... the 
osmotic pressure.

My understanding is that the phosphate interferes with the reaction of 
CO2 and water.

Jerry Baker
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