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[APD] phosphates and co2 table

I just read here: http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua/art_plant_co2chart.htm
"Additives like "Proper pH 7.0" which force the pH to a certain value
completely invalidate the CO2 / KH / pH relationship. This is because these
pH altering additives contain phosphates. Phosphates replace the carbonates
in the buffering system. And the CO2 / KH / pH relationship is only valid in
a system that is buffered by Carbonates."
Is this true? can someone explain this to me? I don't understand... since
I'm using Seachem's Neutral regulator which is phosphate based, The whole CO2
/ KH / pH relationship is invalid and I have no way to measure my co2 level
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