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Re: [APD] Light Timers

That has to be a very tiny market. Good luck finding a programmable timer to handle dimming without having to get an accompanying ballast made to mate with the controller.
MHs ramping up has more to do wtih temp, doesn't it? Prolonging the ramp up might not be very good for the bulb. With fluorescents, you gain something in electricity saved but that's offset by shortened filament life. Filament life should be an issue with the MH for the main arc-light in the lamp, but he start circuit might age prematurely.
Anyhow, good luck with your search, let us know what you find.
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Stuart Halliday wrote:
> http://www.kemo-electronic.com/en/module/m012/index.htm
> for example handles up to 1200W @ 240V or 600W @ 110V
> It can take a Pot or control voltage which control the dimming.
> So using a slow digital timer or a PC you could easily control how long it 
> takes to fade up or down.

That's the rub: where's the timer that allows you to say, "ramp up from 
0 to 100% over 30 minutes"? I do not have the electronics expertise to 
construct my own.

Jerry Baker
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