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Re: [APD] Light Timers

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> Gordon McLellan wrote:
>> You may be able to recreate the dawn/dusk cycle with the addition of
>> some inexpensive (relative term?) fluorescent lights, reserving your
>> halides for a 4-6 hour "midday" period?
> My main problem is not being able to locate a dimming timer. I have only 
> seen two in my entire life -- one for VHO and one for MH.

Aren't Dimmer pretty easy to knock up from discrete components?

Halogen lights don't need that much special treatment.
They don't like long periods at less than full strength as it makes the 
inside of the bulb go dark.
But 30mins or less fade up or down will not effect them.

for example handles up to 1200W @ 240V or 600W @ 110V

It can take a Pot or control voltage which control the dimming.

So using a slow digital timer or a PC you could easily control how long it 
takes to fade up or down.

This module makes it easy.

Talks about Halogen.
Seemingly running a Halogen with a soft start extends its life.
ie turning it on and off via a dimmer can double its life.

I'm talking about Mains Halogen, not 12V ones.

Stuart Halliday
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