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[APD] Shrimps in Planted Aquarium

  I have a 300 gal. planted aquarium with Metal Halide as lighting.  I have around 100 pcs. of different kinds of shrimps.  Yamato, bumblebee, Red nose shrimps, and a black shrimp that turns red, once in a while.  
  Before, when I purchased these shrimps, they where grazing the plants during the daytime, when my lights are up.  Now, for some reasons, they are now nocturnal.  I never see them during the day time and the only time I see them is at night when I use a flashlight.
  What do you guys think has caused these shrimps to be nocturnal? How can I make them come out during the daytime so that I can once again enjoy them?
  Thanks for your help!

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