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Re: [APD] Stores forced to sell terrestrial plants?

I believe REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote this email section below:
> I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that statement pretty hard  to 
> believe, especially when several of our LFSs sell aquatics only.  I  guess 
> nobody "forced" them otherwise.  There is one problem with many  stores that 
> order a pre selected plant assortment from a supplier.  The  order comes in with 
> many terrestrials included.  The way around that would  be for them to select 
> individual species when they order.

The problem is that the shops have gotten into the habit of not caring.

Quite often the shop owner wants an easy life, so they just ask the 
wholesaler for a 'pack' of 'what is selling'.

Ultimately if the shop couldn't sell them then they'd soon stop stocking them.

But these plants do sell to unsuspecting customers and these customers don't 
complain when the plants die.

A lot of shop owners work long tiring hours and have maybe given up keeping 
up with recent trends in the Aquarium hobby and rely on their wholesaler to 
give them things that sell.

I once helped a friend set up a corner shop and within a day a sales man 
popped up unprompted and offered to give him a rack full of products to sell.

The salesman promised to keep it stocked and look after it and all the 
owner would do is get a cut of the sales. A no brainer in fact.

I've no reason to think the Aquarium trade is any different.

Stuart Halliday
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